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We have transformed fitness and now we’re transforming safety too! Come back safer than ever with our updated health guidelines and indoor group workout classes.

22 Ways We've Changed

6-10 Feet Between All Equipment

Our workout area has been modified and rearranged to provide at least 6 to 10 feet between adjacent pieces of fitness equipment throughout the club.

Social Distancing

Floor markings and signs throughout the club remind our members and staff to maintain a minimum 6 feet of distance from other people in the club.

My – Shield Sanitizer

We will provide the My – Shield Sanitizer to each and every member that walks into the club to use during their workout. This sanitizer will more.

More Sanitizing Stations Located Throughout The Club

Aside from the spray bottle which will be given to you when you enter the club, we will have more sanitizing stations located throughout the facility. Each one will provide a large spray bottle and towels and also My – Shield Sanitizing wipes to make it quick and easy to clean the equipment which will be required.

Group Exercise and Yoga Floor Spots

The Aerobic room will now have floor decals to limit attendance in every class. Each spot assures 8 feet of distance between all class participants. Additionally, there will be many more classes added to our schedule to accommodate all of our members.

Personal Towel and Bottle of Hand Sanitizer Duo

Each and every member will receive a microfiber towel and bottle of My – Shield hand sanitizer to use while in the club to wipe down equipment before and after they workout. Upon exiting the club, we ask that you kindly return the spray bottle to the front desk and place the towel in the hamper.

Around The Clock Classes with Les Mills Virtual

In addition to our live classes, Les Mills virtual, which includes THE TRIP, will now be offered in our club. To accommodate varying schedules, classes of differing formats are available every hour of the day while the club is open.

Gold’s Gym Balanced Habits

We also will be offering a 21- or 28-day nutrition program helping to boost metabolism, lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

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20 Minute Time Buffer Between Classes

The vast majority of group fitness classes will follow a 35-minute format. This will enable 15 minutes for members to wipe down their equipment and clear the room prior to the next class.

Styku 3D Body Scanner

We have also added a 3D body scanner which will assess and stratify health risk and also measure body fat and your overall fitness.

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Our members and staff are our family, so we have brought in our staff to make sure they are trained properly in making sure the gym is cleaned thoroughly.

Face Masks

Members and Staff are both required to wear a face mask at all times.

Distance Between Bikes

In our RPM studio, many bikes have been removed or will be non-functional to minimize attendance and provide 8 to 10 feet of distance between all cyclists in all directions during Les Mills THE TRIP, Sprint, and Virtual RPM Classes. There will be a virtual cycle class every hour of the day to accommodate all of our members schedules.

Cleaning Towels

These microfiber towels are a must for wiping down equipment after each use. Both the towel and the spray bottle will be given to each member upon entering the club. We are a small business and hope everyone when leaving the club will return both items.

Member Code of Conduct

For everyone’s safety, all members and staff are required to follow a new safety code of conduct while using the club. The code of conduct will be sent to all members once we have protocols from the state. It will also be made available to members upon check in and posted throughout the club as well as our social media platforms.

In-Home and On-Demand Workouts

Can’t make it to the gym? With, all members can also exercise and receive fitness coaching at home using the abundant “anywhere” resources provided by Gold’s Gym Carmel. Until the club opens, we will continue our Facebook live classes with your favorite instructors.

Body Temperature Checks

As a preventative measure to keep you safe while in the gym, a mandatory no- touch body temperature check is required of all members and staff upon check in. Anyone showing an elevated temperature will be denied access.

Heating and Air Conditioning

All duct work has been cleaned and we have installed hypoallergenic pleated filters to provide a more efficient air exchange and to improve the overall air quality throughout the building. 


We added touchless faucets, soap dispensers, and paper towel dispensers in each locker room. We have also taken out the carpet and replaced it with new flooring!

Kids Club

We’re awaiting final guidance regarding the measures that must be in place for Kids Club to re-open safely for both staff and members. We will announce the date as soon as we know.

Dry Saunas

As another measure of safety, we have taken it upon ourselves to close the saunas temporarily until clearance has been given to use them.

Shake Bar

We have teamed up with Performance Foods and now have an all-natural shake bar with clean ingredients to help build and keep your immune system strong. 

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